Rental Dining Room Makeover

Rental Dining Room Makeover

Hey folks, Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a great holiday and are in full swing on the new years resolutions?  Just before Xmas I decided that it was a good time to redo our dining room, yeah just before Xmas.  Seriously, I’m pretty sure I need help, are there support groups for people like me? 😉 Read More »

Quick update

Hey peeps 🙂 I thought I’d write a quick update with an explanation for the lack of posts and interaction with you guys for the last month or so. You see, I quit smoking! After over 25 yrs of smoking 2 packs a day, I went cold turkey at the end of August, a good thing […]

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

These are a Few of My Favorite Things -My Favorite Decor Buys This Year

This weekend I decided to give you guys a run down of the favorite decor pieces that I’ve picked up this year. Now I have to tell you that I’m not the best when it comes to decor, in fact I’m pretty dire at getting anything to match either a color or theme, I seem to be missing that ‘girl sense’ of how to decorate a room or a piece of furniture to make it look homely and stylish, hell I can’t even decorate a Xmas tree without it looking like the Xmas fairy threw up on it! Read More »

Farmhouse Dining Table & Chairs

Farmhouse Dining Table & Chairs

Farmhouse Dining Table & Chairs

Well this weeks project has been this gorgeous yard sale table & chairs makeover.  I picked this set up for my daughter and it was a steal for a solid oak table, I was like a kid at Xmas :).  I had plenty of time to get this done as we aren’t due to visit them in Texas for a while and this was perfect as I hate feeling rushed.  With this post I’m going to try for a little more instructional pics and info, let me know how I get on and if it would inspire/help you to try your own project?Read More »